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Spilling the Magic

Spilling the Magic

This e-book edition of Spilling the Magic is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

Spending the summer holidays with boring relatives, life looks bleak for Billy and Mary, until . . . They discover a strange, stolen book of spells, and find themselves catapulted into the mysterious, multi-coloured world of Murn. A world of floating mountains: A world where pigs can fly and dragons are vegetarian! But a broken world knee-deep in spilt magic.

Can Billy and Mary find the true owner of the book before it’s too late? Can they put the magic back where it belongs? Can they ever go home again?

Praise for Spilling the Magic: “Remarkably inventive, a fantastic first novel…” Eva Ibbotson (author of, ‘Journey to the River Sea’.)

Suggested readership: ages 9-13 years and up (Middle Grade/Young Adult)


Fiddlesticks cover2

 Fiddlesticks and Firestones

This e-book edition of Fiddlesticks and Firestones is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

Drippy Wendy Milligan – Fiddlesticks Milligan – is coming to stay! The girl is a wreck; a walking disaster! She’s the last person in the whole wide world Billy and Mary want to see. Until, that is . . .

A strange parcel containing a magical Firestone turns up on their doorstep, and the three children find themselves catapulted into the mysterious, spellbound world of Murn. A magical world, but a land in desperate trouble!

Suddenly, they’re in a race against time: a race to stop the evil seaworm, Kacasath from poisoning Murn forever. A dangerous race to find the truth behind a mythical creature called the Lynth. And Billy and Mary need all the help they can get . . .

Sequel to the highly acclaimed, Spilling the Magic.

Praise for Fiddlesticks and Firestones: ‘Moore’s description of Fiddlesticks – “as thin as a spelk, with tiny little weaselly eyes and a sort of whimpering wet-watery voice” – catches the nuances of someone having fun with language and attentive young readers should be as much attracted by the words as the plot.’ Northern Review

Suggested readership: ages 9-13 years and up (Middle Grade/Young Adult)


Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

This e-book edition of Tooth and Claw is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

‘Bryna licked frantically at her paws as the full weight of the awful truth began to settle on her shoulders . . . the whole of mankind had gone from the town. And yet, how could that be? Men were like the sun, the wind and the rain . . . Always, always there. And if they were not there – then what?’

Abandoned in the depths of winter, the once pampered pets of men, the cats and the dogs, are left to their own fate. To fend for themselves.

Can they survive the cruel weather? Most importantly, can they survive each other?

And later, when the empty town reveals its darkest secret, and the hunters become the hunted, it’s kill or be killed. To survive, the animals must unite, in the most desperate fight of their lives . . .

A compelling, epic animal adventure.

Praise for Tooth and Claw: ‘Powerful and gripping reading’ Brian Jaques (author of, ‘Redwall’.)

‘This brilliant novel gives a fascinating insight into the minds of the animals we live with. A purrfect read!’ The Times

‘There’s no overt moral but the novel does function as a rites-of-passage tale about the acceptance of loss, the assumption of responsibility and the need for co-operation. All good character building stuff, acted out by the sort of cats you can really believe in.’ Northern Review

Suggested readership: ages 10-14 years and up (Older Middle Grade/Young Adult)


SkinAndBoneSkin and Bone

This e-book edition of Skin and Bone is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

‘Drought. No winter snow. No spring thaw. No April showers or summer rain. A mountain lake become a puddle. A running river, baked dry, all but a sliver. All things carried the scars of its passing. Nothing alive, nothing left whole beneath its pitiless stroke. Drought . . .’

A battle that neither dogs nor cats can win alone: An enemy that cannot be defeated with tooth or claw. A time when there are no friends or enemies, only rivals for food and water. When good and evil must rub shoulders.

From the wild countryside, Skrinkle the fox looks down upon the town dogs and cats with envious eyes, and plots the survival of his own kin. While the dogs and cats face a desperate choice . . . It is all a matter of life and death.

Sequel to the highly acclaimed, Tooth and Claw.

Suggested readership: ages 10-14 years and up (Older Middle Grade/Young Adult)


The BruganThe Brugan

This e-book edition of The Brugan is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

Sarah Lemming feels lost. She’s twelve years old and her life is a horrible mess! Her father is dead. She detests her mother’s new boyfriend. And now they’re all moving into an ancient ruined cottage, that’s slap bang in the middle of nowhere!

And then there’s the Brugan! When he comes crashing into Sarah’s world she just knows that nothing will ever be the same again. He’s ugly. He’s smelly. He’s a vile shade of green. The grown-ups don’t even believe he exists! And it’s not that he means to be bad; it’s just that the Brugan is lost too! And his mischief is more dangerous, more powerful, more deadly than anyone could have imagined.

Can the Brugan ever find his way home? Can Sarah…?

Praise for The Brugan: ‘. . . Bringing together real scary things (such as a new father and a new baby) and unreal scary things (supernatural beings) is no mean feat. Terrific book.’ The Observer

‘It is an extraordinary book filled with adventure, mischief and magic in the air.’ Book Review

‘. . . An excellent book and I’d recommend it to everyone.’ Mizz

Suggested readership: ages 9-13 years and up (Middle Grade/Young Adult)


Dead Edward Cover

 Dead Edward

This e-book edition of Dead Edward is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble

 ‘My name is Edward. Edward Gwyn Williams. I’m a schoolboy. I’m fourteen years old, near enough. Let me tell you something – I will always be a schoolboy. I will always be fourteen years old. I am dead.’

When Edward trips over his home-made Guy Fawkes one night and hurtles to the bottom of the stairs, he doesn’t know that this action will be his very last. But Edward must come to terms with being a ghost – dressed for all eternity in a grubby T-shirt and his sister’s fluffy slippers!

Then he meets the other ghostly inhabitants of 13, City Road – and discovers that being dead is the very least of his worries . . .

You see there’s a problem with eternity. It seems it doesn’t last forever!

Suggested readership: ages 10-14 years and up (Older Middle Grade/Young Adult)


Fay Fay

This e-book edition of Fay is published by Crossroad Press.  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

‘Thomas, I’ve seen her again . . . the faerie! She’s in one of the gardens of the empty houses. At the back of Lesbury Terrace.’ Jenny Flynn was looking horribly serious again.

‘What? Oh, ha, ha, ha! Don’t make me laugh! A faerie at the bottom of a garden?’

‘But it’s true, Thomas. It’s true . . .’

Do you believe in faeries? Dangerous, real live, flesh and blood faeries? Thomas Dobson doesn’t. When the local glassworks closes down and the workers lose their jobs he thinks it’s just bad luck. When developers move in and bulldoze his favourite playground – the garden allotments that are his dad’s pride and joy – he thinks it’s just one of those things. When people get hurt, go missing and worse, it’s just the way things are. It’s got nothing to do with silly faeries . . .

But what if he’s wrong…? Maybe it’s time to start believing.

Suggested readership: ages 9-13 years and up (Middle Grade/Young Adult)