Stephen Moore

A writer of fantasy fiction, and author of the fantasy novel, GRAYNELORE, Published by HarperVoyager.

Graynelore largeI’m a British author who has written several successful fantasy novels for older children, young-adults and adult readers. The very first children’s novel I wrote, a comic fantasy adventure called SPILLING THE MAGIC, was published in 1996 by Hodder Children’s Books. This was quickly followed by its sequel FIDDLESTICKS AND FIRESTONES. My most Stephen Moorenotable success came in 1998 with the publication of the highly acclaimed TOOTH AND CLAW and its sequel SKIN AND BONE which I describe as my ‘gritty, talking animal’ fantasies. THE BRUGAN followed in 1999. DEAD EDWARD, a ghost story, in 2001, and FAY, an urban fairy tale, in 2006. Finally, 2015 saw the appearance of my very first fantasy novel for adults when the British publisher Harper Voyager published GRAYNELORE, which I like to describe as my ‘grown-up fairy tale’. Along the way I’ve had books translated into Hebrew, Italian and Russian. (If I’ve yet to see the Russian translation!)

I live in the North of England, a beautiful landscape with a rich history, which has been a strong influence on many of my fictional worlds.

A long time ago, before I discovered the magic of storytelling, I was an exhibition designer and I have fond memories of working in the strange old world of museums. Particularly York Castle Museum, and the Wordsworth Museum at Dove Cottage, in Grasmere. Sometimes I can still be found in auction houses pawing over old relics!

I’ve shared my home with several of the animals that frequent my books, if not the flying pigs or foul-smelling brugan. I’m into rock music and movies, history and RPG video games! And of course, I love books, old and new. If pushed very hard to name my favourite book of all time, I’d have to say: it’s a dead heat between, Robert Digital StillCameraWestall’s The Machine Gunners and Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island (the first book to inspire me as a child). Maybe, my own books are OK too?

I have now retired and no longer write. However, I am most definitely not dead. The adventure goes on…

Please feel free to browse these pages. A click of the menu key and you can find out all about my books, read extracts or my blog. Most of all, enjoy yourself.


FayHere’s the ebook cover of my fantasy for older children/Young Adults, ‘Fay’. Tell me truthfully, do you believe in faeries…?

6 thoughts on “Stephen Moore

    • Good! Glad you like it. Did you find your way around the site easily enough? I like the simple navigation tag… Some authors argue that they prefer to see a top of the page navigation bar with names they can read: HOME BLOG CONTACT etc. What’s your opinion? (Assuming the question is clear!)

  1. I liked this web site! Easy to find your way around & also in a nice easy style. The books I have read were also good too.

  2. Hello.
    Just read about your book on John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever.
    Graynelore looks interesting. I am especially intrigued by the Reiver connection.
    My ancestors on my Dad’s side were quite active around Dumfriesshire; and my Mother’s family was from around Peebles.
    Graynelore is now on my nook tablet and is next on my reading list>

    • Hi David,
      Thank you. Graynelore is, of course, a fey fiction. However, I hope you might recognize at least some of the many elements that are directly coloured by my passion for the Border Reivers. From the general description of the landscape (including the mire); to the use of ‘Ridings’; their habitation (bastles and peel towers); to their brutal behaviour and extreme way of life (they were not beyond butchery, or playing football with the heads of their enemies!); and many more… Enjoy the book.

  3. No idea why, but about 5 mins ago, a book popped into my head written by you that i read about 10 years ago in school. “Tooth And Claw” was the name. Fantastic read at the time. I’ve found out there waw a sequal written. Would love to get them both. Are your books available for download on the google play store?

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