It’s World Book Day! Read something for Fun!

Read something for fun? Of course! Reading IS fun! And today is World Book Day so you don’t need an excuse. Pick something up and give it a read – just for fun. You like novels? Read one of them. You like comics? Read one of them. It doesn’t matter what. The choice is yours. Fiction, faction, dictionaries or bus tickets! Poetry, recipes, maps or timetables! Magazines, tittle-tattle, love-letters or shopping lists! Short stories, long stories, history books or haikus! As far as I’m concerned, anything goes.

What am I reading for fun? I’m reading John Grundy’s HISTORY OF NEWCASTLE. (That’s the city in the North of England.) It’s a quick wiz through time: all the way from Roman Britain to the present day. Where’s the fun in that? Well, my favourite fact so far is about the guy who built the very first castle in Newcastle (giving the place its modern name). The year was 1080 AD. The man in question was one, Robert Curthose. What’s in a name? I’ll tell you. Curt means short, and hose means stockings. The founder of Newcastle was nicknamed Shortstockings! His father – a certain William the Conqueror – used to make fun of his son because he wasn’t very tall… It made me smile.

Happy World Book Day! Have some fun of your own…