Where can you buy the cheapest copy of Stephen Moore’s Graynelore?

The title of this blog might sound like blatant advertising. But judging by the number of questions I receive, the cost of books is a subject very close to the hearts of many readers. The most common being, Where can you buy the cheapest copy of GRAYNELORE? Closely followed by,Why does GRAYNELORE cost so much? And adversely; Why does GRAYNELORE cost so little? If the answer to these last two questions is, paradoxically, the same: GRAYNELORE comes in two editions, a paperback (which is relatively expensive) and an ebook (which is relatively cheap).

When I first became a published author – that was twenty years ago, and before the advent of ebooks – the cost of a book was fixed by the publisher and printed on the back of the book. At that time, in the UK, there existed an industry-wide agreement, snappily entitled ‘The Minimum Terms Agreement’, whereby all book retailers were obliged to sell books at the price they were marked. So, if the price printed on the back of the book was £6.99 that’s the price everyone paid no matter which book retailer you bought it off. The ‘Minimum Terms Agreement’ was there to protect the income of the author, who typically received between 7.5% and 10% of the retail price. Sadly, the ‘Minimum Terms Agreement’ was revoked a long time ago, and the price of books has been left to market forces ever since. In effect meaning book retailers charging whatever they see fit… which is why the price of a book can vary so much between retailers. Incidentally, it’s also why we now see so many cut-price and three-for-two deals in many of our high-street stores, which I accept is great for the reader, but not so great for the author.

All that said, I’d better answer the question… Where can you buy the cheapest copy of Stephen Moore’s GRAYNELORE?

Well, in the UK, the RRP for the paperback is £13.99, while the ebook is currently just £5.24, which means, wherever you shop, the ebook is always going to be the cheapest option if you don’t mind which format you read. (In the US, the paperback currently retails at around $11.53 while the ebook is just $3.99.)

However, for those readers who prefer ‘real’ books the best deal I’ve found is in the UK, where the online retailer wordery.com is currently selling Graynelore in paperback for just £9.28 (including delivery).

So, there you have it. Of course, GRAYNELORE is available from all good book retailers, so if you’ve paid less, I’d love to know about it, and I’ll try to keep this blog updated.

I wish you all a happy Easter, and happy reading.



Graynelore is published by HarperVoyager (paperback and ebook). Available from all good bookstores including:

Amazon.co.uk  HarperCollins  Barnes & Noble  Amazon.com



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