The unfair facts of life, for sleepyheads

Explain this to me, if you can… Why is it that when I wake up in the middle of the night, no matter how long or hard I try, I simply cannot get back to sleep again… My head refuses to switch off! I begin to plan the day ahead of me, in every minuscule detail (a day that is already planned!) Then, I find myself writing… mentally composing dialogue; or developing story-lines… Things that don’t need to be done right now: things that can quite happily wait until the morning! And hours later I’m still lying there wide awake…!

Then, suddenly, the alarm clock goes off! Yet it’s only now, with the morning beckoning, and the house around me bursting into life, that the miraculous happens. The minute that alarm clock goes off, how easily I can turn over, pull the blankets over my head, close my eyes, and sleep… Why is that?


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