Book Giveaway of Stephen Moore’s ‘Tooth and Claw’! (First Edition)

2015 marks the publication of my first fantasy for adults, GRAYNELORE (HarperVoyager August 13th) also making it my first new published work in any category for several years. As part of the celebrations, throughout the coming year, I will be offering a series of Book Giveaways from my back catalogue. This Goodreads* Giveaway is the very first.

What am I offering? Well, these are nice prizes. I am giving away TWO copies of TOOTH & CLAW, my best-selling title to date. So there are two chances to win. These are perfect, collectable, FIRST PRINTED EDITION copies (Hodder, April, 1998), from my own private collection, and they will be SIGNED by the author!

TOOTH & CLAW is a compelling epic animal fantasy. Mankind has gone from the city, abandoning their pet animals to fend for themselves. Leaving arch-rivals – the cats and the dogs – to fight with tooth and claw! The laws of Men are no more. And in the wild there is only one law… survival!

This Book Giveaway is live until 4th September 2015. To join in, simply follow the Giveaway links below and enter. And the very best of luck to everyone!

ENTER GIVEAWAY at Goodreads.

Tooth & Claw0022Suggested Readership: Young Adult

Not a Goodreads member? Missed out this time? Don’t worry, between August 13th 2015 and August 13th 2016 I will be offering similar exclusive Book Giveaways via my website. So keep a look out.


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