“The Brugan”, a fantasy for children, or everyone?

My children’s fantasy, “The Brugan” was originally published in 1999. I’m pleased to say, it’s available again as an ebook. (Published by Crossroad Press in most formats). Among all the characters in my books, if I’m allowed to have favourites, then Sarah Lemming is one of mine.

Sarah Lemming feels lost. She’s twelve years old and her life is a horrible mess! Her father is dead. She detests her mother’s new boyfriend. And now they’re all moving into an ancient ruined cottage, that’s slap bang in the middle of nowhere!

And then there’s the Brugan! When he comes crashing into Sarah’s world she just knows that nothing will ever be the same again. He’s ugly. He’s smelly. He’s a vile shade of green. The grown-ups don’t even believe he exists! And it’s not that he means to be bad; it’s just that the Brugan is lost too! And his mischief is more dangerous, more powerful, more deadly than anyone could have imagined.
Can the Brugan ever find his way home? More importantly, can Sarah…?
Praise for “The Brugan”:

‘. . . Bringing together real scary things (such as a new father and a new baby) and unreal scary things (supernatural beings) is no mean feat. Terrific book.’ The Observer
‘It is an extraordinary book filled with adventure, mischief and magic in the air.’ Book Review
‘. . . An excellent book and I’d recommend it to everyone.’ Mizz

I wrote “The Brugan” firmly for older children (Middle Grade). If over the years, it has been discovered and taken to heart by readers of all ages… I Thank you.

The Brugan by Stephen          Moore

The Brugan


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