RIP Terry Pratchett

John Ayliff

Witches Abroad coverI first read Terry Pratchett when he was a hot new thing that everyone was reading, before he became a beloved institution that everyone always read. I’m pretty sure my first of his books was Witches Abroad. Through my teens I devoured the new Discworld books, as well as Strata, The Dark Side of the Sun, the Nomes series, and Only You Can Save Mankind. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book as quickly, as hungrily, as I did some of the Discworld books; my brother and I would read them so quickly that our parents commented that we couldn’t really be appreciating them, reading them that fast. But we were: that’s why we read them that fast. The first time I ever used the internet (back when that was a hot new thing), the first thing I searched for was “discworld”. I got a fansite with a…

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