“Dead Edward” a ghostly fantasy…

“My name is Edward. Edward Gwyn Williams. I’m a school boy. I’m fourteen years old, near enough. Let me tell you something— I will always be a school boy. I will always be fourteen years old. I AM DEAD. Edward Gwyn Williams is dead.”

That’s the beginning of “Dead Edward”, my ghostly fantasy novel for Older Children/Young Adults. Edward thinks he has a serious problem; after all, he’s just died! But he’s about to find out that being dead is the least of his worries when he discovers that Eternity, of all things, does not last forever!

So, this is Edward’s story. Not the story of his life… but the incredible story of what happened to him afterwards.

Where did the idea for “Dead Edward” come from? I’m a writer of fantasy who loves inventing new worlds. I also like ghost stories, and I couldn’t see any reason why ghosts shouldn’t have a fantasy world all for themselves: A world, with its own problems, dangers and delights… but outside of the traditional afterlife of Heaven and Hell. We all speculate about what might await us beyond death. I’m not doing that here. Rather, this is Dead Edward’s afterlife. This is scary fun…

Dead Edward Cover

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